How Do You Cover Facial Scars?


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You can cover scars on your face by dotting on a colored concealer, following the concealer with foundation and then dotting on another thin layer of concealer. Set your concealer and foundation with loose or pressed powder.

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Whether you have acne scars or scars from old injuries on your face, you want to cover them quickly and completely. With the right concealer color and base makeup, you can cover or camouflage your scars successfully.

Choose a colored concealer based on the color or tone of your scar. If your scar is red or pink, choose a green concealer. If your scar is brown or purple, choose a yellow concealer. Concealers that are a shade or two lighter than your foundation work to cover white scars.

Begin by dotting the concealer on your scar with your fingertip or a stiff makeup brush. Wait for the concealer to dry, and apply your normal foundation. Be careful to pat your foundation over your scars, so that the concealer is not smeared or wiped away. Let the foundation dry completely. Choose a concealer that is a shade lighter than your foundation, and dot it over your scars. Blend well with your fingertip or makeup brush, and let the concealer dry. When your makeup and concealer are dry, lightly dust loose or pressed powder over your face to set your makeup.

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