How Do You Cover a Dark Tattoo?

How Do You Cover a Dark Tattoo?

How Do You Cover a Dark Tattoo?

You do not need painful laser treatments to hide a dark tattoo. Cover your tattoo with makeup in about 20 minutes. The required supplies are two shades of highly pigmented concealer, a translucent setting powder, hairspray, cosmetic sponges and a fluffy powder brush. Use one concealer that is several shades lighter than your skin and one that matches the skin surrounding your tattoo.

  1. Paint the tattoo with light concealer

    Cover the tattoo with a thin layer of the lighter concealer. Use a cosmetic sponge to apply the concealer with a gentle dabbing motion. Brush translucent powder over the concealer.

  2. Apply a mixture of light and dark concealers

    Mix the light concealer with the one that matches your skin. Pat the custom color over the tattoo. Avoid pulling and rubbing the sponge across your skin so the existing layer of makeup remains in place. Add a dusting of translucent powder.

  3. Darken the custom concealer shade

    Add more of the darker concealer to the custom mix and sponge it over the powdered area. Apply more powder on top.

  4. Apply concealer that matches the surrounding skin

    Apply a layer of concealer that matches the surrounding skin. Finish with a liberal dusting of powder. Repeat this step if you require more coverage.

  5. Set the makeup

    Mist the covered tattoo with hairspray so it stays in place throughout the day.