How Do You Cover Dark Spots on the Hands?


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Cover up dark spots on your hands using standard tools from any cosmetic store, such as a mild cleanser, yellow-based concealer, small makeup brush and foundation. An application sponge, face powder, and large makeup brush are also ideal, according to Cheryl Torrie on eHow.

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First, cleanse the area with a mild cleanser. Rinse the skin with cool water to keep it calm, and allow it to air dry. Next, using the small makeup brush or your finger, take a yellow-based full coverage concealer, preferably one that is marketed for tattoo or scar cover-ups and is two shades lighter than your skin tone. Apply the concealer directly to the spot you wish to cover.

Next, grab your application sponge and some foundation that matches your skin tone, and use the sponge to pat the foundation into the dark spot until it is blended into the rest of your skin. For the final step in this process, you need to make sure the cover is set and cannot rub easily during the day. Take a large makeup brush and a yellow-based face powder that closely matches your skin tone, and brush the powder over the spot. Allow the spot to air dry.

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