How Do You Cover Acne With Makeup?

How Do You Cover Acne With Makeup?

To cover acne with makeup, use an oil-free serum as a makeup primer, and cover your face with foundation. Dip a concealer brush in cover-up, and apply the cover-up to individual pimples. Set your makeup with matte powder.

  1. Apply an oil-free serum

    Apply an oil-free serum all over your face. The creates an even surface and keeps makeup settled.

  2. Cover the face with foundation

    Using a makeup brush for even coverage, apply foundation or BB cream all over the face. Blend the foundation over the chin.

  3. Load a concealer brush

    Pick up a thin layer of cover-up with a concealer brush, which has flat bristles. Be sure to select a concealer that matches your natural skin tone perfectly.

  4. Apply the cover-up

    Push the bristles onto the top of the pimple. Twist the brush slightly. If the pimple is not completely covered, add more cover-up to the brush, and repeat.

  5. Blend the cover-up

    With a light touch, tap around the circumference of the blemish. Blend the edges of the cover-up as you tap.

  6. Cover up all blemishes

    Use the concealer brush and cover-up to hide any other blemishes.

  7. Set with a matte powder

    Dip a large brush into matte face powder. Dust the powder onto your face to set the foundation. Be careful not to dislodge the cover-up from the pimples.