What Are Country-Western Tattoos?


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Country-western tattoos are inspired with details and scenes coming from the Wild West. There are different tattoo pictures that can symbolize the Wild West and can be categorized under the country-western designs.

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What Are Country-Western Tattoos?
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Symbols of Wild West can be different, but most of them are in the shape of a horse or cowboy portraits. Additionally, one can put a symbol of cowboy boots, which should be pictured in a specific way that will clearly show they are from the time of the Wild West. The western style of tattoos can be expressed through pictures of arrows or lassos.

Anything that is connected to the theme of Wild West can be used. Horseshoes or a cowboy with a buffalo, flower or guns are also frequently used country-western symbols in the tattoo industry. Beside the symbols and their look, it is important to choose the right location on the body where the tattoo will be placed. Because of the nature of country-western tattoos, it is recommended to put them on the back or on the shoulder, as in this way it sends a very clear message about the aim of particular Wild West tattoo design. It is wise to give considerable thought before getting any tattoo.

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