What Is the Correlation of Height Versus Shoe Size?

According to medical professionals, there is no formal correlation between height and shoe size. Although shoe size can be an indicator of body proportions, there is no formal chart that correlates a person's height and shoe size. Shoe size may, however, be an indicator of growth spurts.

A study conducted on 238 residents of Mumbai suggested that a person whose body is in proper proportion to shoe size is about 6 1/2 times taller than the length of his or her foot. Researchers pointed out that the foot, particularly the toes, are critical to the human ability to balance when walking or standing upright. The results of the Mumbai study suggested that those people whose bodies were not proportional to their feet may be more inclined to trip, fall or easily lose their balance.

Genetically, however, physicians maintain that shoe size is not an indicator of height. This is in direct reply to a common misconception that shoe size in children can be used to estimate maximum height in adulthood. While a sudden change in shoe size in pubescent-aged children is a primary indicator that a growth spurt is about to take place, it is not an indicator of how much they grow.