What Is the Correct Eyebrow Shape?


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The correct eyebrow shape depends on a person's facial shape and structure. The shape of eyebrows can change how a person's face looks. Stencils allow people to recreate or define their perfect brow shapes, according to Eyebrowz.

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A person with a long face looks best with a flat brow shape to make the face appear shorter. Someone with a heart-shaped face looks best with an eyebrow that is rounded. Square-faced people often look better with angled eyebrows that balance out strong square jaws, and people with round faces look best with high-arched eyebrows shape that lengthen the look of the faces, as noted by Eyebrowz.

Eye shape and position are affected by eyebrow shape and spacing, as well, so this should be considered when a person determines the best eyebrow shape.

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