What Are Some Cornrow Designs for Women?


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Some cornrow designs for women are a hybrid hairstyle, featuring cornrows drawn back into a ponytail; a twisted up-do; and a cornrow bun. Other cornrow designs for women include a boxbraid cornrow and cornrows decorated with beads.

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One cornrow design for women is a hybrid hairstyle that combines cornrows with a traditional ponytail. Pulling existing cornrows together at the back of the head and securing them into a ponytail creates this style. The cornrow design is still apparent on the scalp while the ponytail of long, gathered braids lends a traditional, feminine air to this hairstyle.

There are many different ways for women to style their cornrows into an up-do. This style features cornrows gathered into a bunch on top of the head. The up-do created from the cornrows can either be elongated or twisted into a tight bun just above the forehead.

A cornrow bun is a simple style that gathers cornrows into a bun either at the back of the head or on the top. This look is similar to the hybrid style in theory, but there are more variations of buns to choose from than there are with a ponytail. A cornrow bun is also a protective style for cornrows.

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