What Are Some Cool Necklaces for Men?


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Cool necklaces for men featured on the Cool Material website include a bike lock necklace and shark necklace that is used for removing bottle caps. The bike lock necklace, which features an antique finish, is individually crafted in New York. Stainless steel powder and a binder are combined to make the popular piece of jewelry.

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According to the website publication, "The Art of Manliness," men's necklaces are worn for functional, medical, or religious reasons or simply as a decorative adornment. Men often wear their dog tags after they have served in the military or wear medical necklaces to alert others to medication allergies or health issues. The site recommends that men wear no more than two necklaces at a time and that the adornment be displayed about 8 inches above the navel.

Lapel pins are another popular piece men's jewelry. The pins may collectors' items or may represent a group or club affiliation. According to the Art of Manliness website, lapel pins originated in China and the USSR where they once displayed the images of Communist leaders.

The standard ring worn by most men is the wedding band, which is traditionally made of silver, platinum or gold. Other rings, such as class rings or fraternity rings, are also acceptable for men. Jewelry etiquette dictates that championship rings be worn for special affiliated events.

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