What Are Some Cool Hairstyles for Teenage Guys?

Examples of cool hairstyles for teenage boys include short and tapered, the modern wet look, spiked with a shaved design and the undercut. Other examples are a short Mohawk and a smooth fade.

The short and tapered hairstyle has a longer top with tapered-off sides. This style is less severe than a crew cut, but still gives the "bad boy" effect. Wavy hair on top gives this cut a softer feel.

For the modern wet look, a styling gel is used to create a wet surfer style. Spiky hairstyles are made more unique with shaved designs on the sides or back of the head. These designs may be simple or detailed.

An undercut hairstyle leaves the hair on top long while the sides and back are shaved. To give this style a more hipster look, pull the longer hair pieces into a small ponytail or "man bun." A short Mohawk draws the focus upwards and suits boys with round faces.

The smooth fade is a brush cut with a fade on the sides and back of the head. This style brushes the hair forward, which creates a natural look. This type of hairstyle requires little to no styling and suits boys that are low-maintenance.