What Are Some Cool Fringe Hairstyles?

What Are Some Cool Fringe Hairstyles?


Some cool Fringe hairstyles include full blunt fringe, curved fringe, wispy bangs and side swept bangs, according to Hairstyle Stars. A new fringe helps in making an instant style statement that updates an individual’s look.

The full blunt fringe is quirky and has a personalized look, notes Hairstyle Stars. The bang is perfect for individuals who have thick hair, as it lightens up the top of a person’s face while giving a desirable frame.

The curved fringe is perfect for a retro or a vintage look, according to Hairstyle Stars. The curved bangs seem complicated to achieve; however, they are a blunt fringe taken a step further. It is a full fringe with the center rounded to frame the individual’s eyes.

Many love the wispy bangs look, as it allows the person to play around with adding some fringe, according to Hairstyle Stars. The wispy bang is universally flattering and worn in different ways. The person can wear the bang straight across to achieve a classy look.

Side swept bangs add sophistication and life to an individual’s hair, notes Hairstyle Stars. The bangs highlight the eyes and play up the cheekbones. The bangs complement an up-do hairstyle or just simply down and long.