Where Are Conway Clothing Stores Located?

conway-clothing-stores-located Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

Conway clothing stores were located in New York state, mainly in Manhattan and its surrounding boroughs. As of March 2014, all Conway locations had closed. There are no Conway locations in business as of 2015.

Conway was a small chain of discount stores in New York that sold cheap merchandise and excess stock from other department stores. The chain carried clothing, house wares and beauty products. The chain was purchased in early 2014 by National Stores, a Los Angeles based company that operates Fallas Discount Stores.

Conway had been struggling financially for a few years. This may have been due to department stores that had previously supplied Conway opting to sell overstocked merchandise to other outlets. Customer buying trends in the areas where Conway stores were located were also changing to favor higher-end retailers.

The last Conway department store was located on Fulton Street in Brooklyn, New York and had been located there for 20 years. This location was shut down in the winter of 2014. Links to Conway's website now redirect to the website for Fallas Discount Stores. The re-branded Fulton Street location carries stock that is similar to what Conway offered, and the staff at this store were offered continued employment under the Fallas name.