What Is Considered Casual Wear for a Beauty Pageant?

During the casual wear portion of a beauty pageant, a contestant should dress fashionably and wear an outfit that highlights her personality, as required by most pageant rules. Casual wear requirements differ from pageant to pageant and may include dresses or sportswear.

Dresses worn for the casual wear portion of a pageant should be age appropriate. Dresses worn for casual wear typically fall under the category of "dressy casual." Sportswear can also usually be worn for the casual wear portion of the pageant. Sportswear refers to an outfit a contestant would wear before 5 p.m. and can include pantsuits, shorts and blazers or outfits with leggings.

As requirements differ from pageant to pageant, contestants should check a given pageant's website for pictures of past winners to gain a better idea of the types of outfits that have impressed judges in previous competitions.

Casual wear can consist of an off-the-rack outfit or a custom-designed outfit made specifically for the pageant contestant. Custom-designed outfits, sometimes referred to as "glitz" in the beauty pageant world, may not be allowed in some pageants, however. Reading the pageant rules and contacting the pageant director are two ways to determine whether a specific pageant allows "glitz" outfits.