What Are Some Consequences of Popping Whiteheads?


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Consequences of popping whiteheads include rupturing the follicle wall and allowing infected debris into the dermis, according to About.com. Popping whiteheads also increases the chances of scarring, worsens the blemish caused by the whiteheads, and leads to the development of nodules. It also causes cysts that are big and painful. Additionally, popping whiteheads spreads infection, leading to the formation of more whiteheads.

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Whiteheads are inflamed blemishes that develop when the skin pores fill with excessive sebum, bacteria and dead skin cells, states About.com. A cyst is a soft lump filled with fluid that forms around the infected part of a dermis after popping whiteheads. Cysts require medical attention. Consistently popping whiteheads severely damages the skin tissue, causing excoriated acne. Excoriated acne happens because of excessively popping whiteheads, picking and scratching the skin to a point where the skin gets wounded.

Dermatologists use comedone extractors to remove debris safely from popped whiteheads, says WebMD. This is by lancing them with a stearing needle while wearing gloves. Doctors recommend that people allow these pimples to run through their life span, which is three to seven days. When popped incorrectly, whiteheads persist for weeks. It is safer to hide whiteheads with noncomedogenic makeup than to pop them.

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