What Is the Best Concealer Makeup to Use on the Thighs and Legs?

The best makeup to use on the thighs and legs are a matte body makeup, such as the Perfekt Matte Body Perfection Gel, and waterproof concealer, such as Kryolan Dermacolor concealer. The body gel provides an even tone to the entire leg and the concealer covers up any specific blemishes.

Choose a matte body gel that matches the skin tone for a natural, seamless look. Lighter skin tones need a light bronze body gel, while darker tones need a color closer to brown. Next, apply the body gel to the areas of the legs or thighs that will be visible outside of the clothes. Once the body gel is dry, use a small applicator brush to apply the concealer on trouble areas such as veins, bruises or scars.

Another option is to use a makeup brush to apply a single water resistant foundation to the entire leg. The M.A.C. Face and Body Makeup comes in various shades and is perfect for covering freckles or age spots. Remember to brush on a light layer on the front of the leg, then blend the makeup and apply to the appropriate areas.