What Are Some Complaints About Gillette?


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Complaints about various Gillette products include the razors being overpriced, the gel being too heavy and the blades being too sharp. Many customers complain about the shaving cream and gel cans, noting that they often explode or run out of pressure.

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Customers complain that, although Gillette produces some of the most expensive shaving creams, they have repeated incidents of the shaving cream cans failing to dispense cream. One customer complains that he contacted Gillette over the incidents, and the company failed to respond. Similar complaints are made about the shaving gel, where reviewers note that the gel cans do not contain enough air pressure, leading to little or no gel dispensed.

One customer complains that Gillette razors were specially packed in the store so that an alarm sounds if anyone touches the box. As of September 2015, the customer states that the razors are now packed in such a way that a sales attendant must open them after purchase, leading to inconvenience. Other reviewers do not like the way the razors shave, due to problems with either the base or blades. One reviewer specifically does not like the new gel strip above the blade, as it does not allow for a closer shave.

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