What Are Some Companies That Sell Printed Toilet Paper?

What Are Some Companies That Sell Printed Toilet Paper?

JustToiletPaper.com, PrintedTP.com and StarToiletPaper.com offer printed toilet paper products. All three sites offer pre-designed products as well as the option to create a custom design. For a commercially available option, Angel Soft offers a product line called Pretty Prints.

JustToiletPaper.com has an extensive selection of printed toilet papers to choose from; browse the stock, and choose between its monogrammed, fleur de lis, holiday, designer and specialty collections. For custom orders, Just Toilet Paper prints custom toilet paper, paper towels and mini TP rolls.

PrintedTP.com specializes in custom printed toilet paper; the company can print anything from photos to funny sayings to corporate logos, as long as it is not trademarked, copyrighted or illegal to reproduce. Its website also features stock designs available for purchase individually.

StarToiletPaper.com has both stock designs for purchase and the capacity to produce custom-printed toilet paper rolls. The paper Star Toilet Paper uses is made of 100-percent recycled material printed with non-abrasive soybean-based ink.

Angel Soft's Pretty Prints combine the strength and softness of regular Angel Soft products with the added aesthetic appeal of a printed blue floral design.