What Companies Sell Gem-Cutting Machines?


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Facetron, Kingsley North and Ultra Tec all manufacture and sell gem-cutting machines, which are also known as faceting machines and lapidary machines. The online retailer Facet Shoppe also sells various brands of gem-cutting machines.

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Kingsley North manufactures and sells a range of equipment for gem cutting, from diamond-cutting saws to polishing. Ultra Tec's lapidary product line includes lapidary machines for both classic and concave faceting. Facetron offers one model of faceting machine with a variety of adjustment mechanisms for superior precision.

Faceting is the art of cutting edges and faces onto the surface of a gemstone. The size and position of each facet cut into a stone is determined by the angle and depth of the cut and the rotation of the gem. The actual cutting is done by a variety of laps, which are round discs embedded with abrasives, including diamond. Coarser laps make the initial cuts for the main facets and the girdle facets. The girdle includes the vertical faces of a stone, which come to a point on the bottom of the finished cut gem. Finer-textured laps make the finishing cuts, prepolish the facets to create smooth surfaces, and cut the small break facets. Individual laps are sold separately from lapidary machines.

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