What Companies Sell Flowbee Replacement Parts?


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Flowbee replacement parts are sold through the Flowbee website. The company no longer sells parts for the Flowbee Int. and Vac-u-cut models, but its spacer replacement parts work for all versions of the device.

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Flowbee is a home haircutting product that attaches to a vacuum cleaner. The suction of the vacuum pulls hair away from the scalp and blades inside the Flowbee cut hair. The product is designed to cut hair that is 1/2 inch to 6 inches in length. A spacer attachment included with the product cuts hair in 1/4-inch increments, but other spacer sizes are available to cut longer lengths. A specific attachment is available to use Flowbee on pet hair.

According to the Flowbee website, the product saves users time and money. The device works with most vacuums that allow hose attachments. The more powerful the vacuum, the better Flowbee works, and with proper care, users can expect hundreds of precision haircuts during the life of the product. Because blades that dull over time cannot be replaced, the company recommends getting a new Flowbee after seven years. An instructional video is available on the Flowbee website.

Flowbee was invented by carpenter Rick E. Hunts in 1986. He initially sold the products at county fairs, then began selling them through infomercials.

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