What Companies Offer the Services of Gemstone Brokers?


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Clear Cut Gems, Simply Sapphires, Sparkle N Dazzle Co. and Nice Ice are some of the companies that offer the services of gemstone brokers. These companies deal with different types of gemstones, including aquamarine, amethyst, sapphire, sunstone and topaz.

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Clear Cut Gems takes rough and poorly cut gems from the market and cuts, designs and polishes them before selling them to buyers. They also help design colorful engagement rings using the gemstones. Simply Sapphires deals in different types of sapphires, including blue, white, pink, red and yellow. This company also deals in chrysoberyl and opal.

Sparkle N Dazzle Co. is a New York company that stocks diamonds and other gemstones from different manufacturers. This company has various types of custom-made diamond jewelry, engagement rings and wedding rings. They also stock jewelry made from emeralds, sapphire and rubies.

Nice Ice deals mainly in diamonds. These dealers help customers choose diamonds from different retailers. The client simply tells them their preferences and the occasion, and the dealers help them choose the perfect diamond jewelry to meet their needs. Nice Ice offers diamond education to help clients choose the best diamonds for any occasion. They also have reviews of different diamond brands, retail jewelers and diamond dealers to help clients choose the best one.

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