What Companies Make Mannequin Practice Heads With Hair?


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Companies that make mannequin practice heads with hair include Celebrity Manikins and HairArt. Celebrity Manikins makes numerous types of practice heads with hair, including basic models, heads with long hair, male heads, ethnic models and models with medium-length hair. Some male mannequins also have facial hair.

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Celebrity Manikins also makes mannequin heads with curly hair, heads designed for color training and several models for people on a budget. Mannequins for color training are divided into several sections, and each section has a different hair color. The company makes mannequins with real human hair and protein fiber. Most heads are made of vinyl and have on make up.

Also available from Celebrity Manikins are mannequins with shoulders attached to them, tripods and holders for practice heads and massage head sets that don't have hair on them. These models are suitable for practicing massage as well as applying make up.

HairArt offers mannequin practice heads made with 100-percent virgin European hair, 100-percent human hair, and value mannequins, which are made with a mixture of human hair, horse hair and synthetic material. The company also sells holders and clamps for practice heads. HairArt also sells mannequins with varying hair length, male mannequins, including some partially bold models, and models with beards. Models are available with various hair types, such as straight and curly, and hair colors.

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