What Are Some Common Western Clothes?


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Common western wear includes button-up shirts, leather belts, jeans, cowboy boots and cowboy hats, notes Nigro's Western Store. Western clothing is very simple and meant to be items that are worn on a farm or at a rodeo. It needs to be tough enough to stand up to heavy, dirty work every day, but also stay in good enough shape to wear off the farm.

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Blue is a popular color for button-up shirts, which can be plain or plaid. These button-ups usually have collars. Most Western shirts are just basic dress shirts. The come in the same light material and crisp lines. Modern Western shirts also have bandana fabric patches, snap pockets and fringe. There are flannel and heavier-weight shirts that are worn in cold weather. When winter hits, often times heavy jackets become as much a part of the Western wear style as the shirts.

Boots are popular in Western wear because they are versatile, according to Nigro's Western Store. They can go from a farm to a dance floor easily. Most of the time, the boots are low-maintenance and made from leather. The boots are often lined with waterproof material to keep water out when working on a farm.

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