What Are Some Common Undergarments for Spanish Women?


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Besides regular cotton underpants and pantyhose, one common undergarment for Spanish women is a type of girdle known as a "faja." Fajas are especially popular among liposuction patients and postpartum mothers.

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The word "faja" comes from the Spanish word for wrap. Colfajas, a company located in Colombia, ranks as the largest manufacturer and exporter of fajas as of 2015. Fajas remain very popular among Colombian women and other women of Spanish descent. These undergarments consist of either Lycra, nylon, cotton or latex and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A faja works by tightly reining loose flesh into a corset-like contraption, which is fastened with a series of hooks and a zipper. Though fajas have been known to cause damage to internal organs if they are fastened too tightly, many Spanish women still rely on them to achieve the hourglass figure they desire.

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