What Are Some Common Traits of Military Belts?


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Traits that are common among military belts are the color, fabric, the hardware used and the way they are worn. Military belts for combat uniforms are typically olive or tan and made of woven fabric or webbing. Dress uniforms and those worn by officers tend to be thick, black leather.

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Officer belts are generally sturdy enough to support hanging a holster with a pistol. Military belts often include thick, brass grommets and buckles. The grommets are usually spread at equidistant points in two rows in woven belts, and more contemporary belts have heavy sliding or interlocking clasps to secure them. The thick grommets allow soldiers to clip grenades and ammunition to the belts.

Military belts are nearly always worn over a shirt or tunic. They remain much easier to access or clip ammunition to when worn in this manner. Unlike civilian belts, military belts are not intended to hold up a man’s trousers. This is accomplished by buckles inside the waistband of combat fatigues or with suspenders.

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