What Are Some Common Tattoo Placement Ideas for Women?


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Women often get tattoos on their wrists, ankles, ribs and hips. Other interesting places where women commonly get tattoos include behind their ears and under their breasts.

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What Are Some Common Tattoo Placement Ideas for Women?
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Wrist tattoos are more common on women than on men. Wrist tattoos tend to be small and delicate, appropriate to the size of the wrist. However, they are difficult to conceal from view, which makes them less desirable for women who cannot let tattoos show at work.

Ankle tattoos are popular with women who wear high heels and sandals and want to show off their tattoos. At the same time, it is easy to conceal them when needed by wearing socks or long pants. Ankle tattoos can be large or small, and they often take the form of a tattooed ankle bracelet. They are frequently seen as feminine, because few men have them.

Rib tattoos are typically only visible when the tattooed person wears a swimsuit or a top with cut-outs, so they are easy to conceal. They are sometimes considered particularly sexy when visible.

Hip tattoos are also very easy to conceal, though if they are strategically placed, they are visible when wearing low-rise pants. They are often considered especially attractive when they are designed to take advantage of the natural curves and movement of that part of the body.

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