What Are Common Skin Problems As You Age?


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Common skin problems as a result of the natural aging process include rougher skin, lesions, transparency, fragility, bruising and discoloration, notes both WebMD and Woman's Day. Areas of the skin more exposed to the sun tend to have a more rapid reaction in response to the aging process.

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Some of the lesions that skin develops during the aging process include benign tumors, states WebMD. A benign tumor represents an abnormal growth of cells that is not cancerous. It is essentially harmless and does not spread to other parts of the body.

Cherry angiomas and skin tags are other common skin lesions, notes Woman's Day. Cherry angiomas appear as red spots that can be either raised or smooth. Blood vessels multiplying in a particular area contribute to the red color. In some instances, these red bumps itch and become very irritable. Skin tags appear in areas of the body with creases, including the neck, groin and underneath the arms.

Throughout the aging process, skin also becomes slack and loses its elasticity, reports WebMD. This condition causes the skin to hang loosely. A thinning epidermis also causes the skin to become more transparent. Changes below the skin also occur during the aging process, with some of these changes relating to loss of fat below the skin, cartilage loss in the nasal areas and bone loss around the mouth.

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