What Are Some Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Tattoos?


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The biggest tattoo mistake is getting a tattoo while drunk. Other common tattoo mistakes include hunting for bargains, getting a too-small tattoo and failing to conduct the proper aftercare. Tattoo aftercare is important in maintaining the quality of the tattoo. New tattoos must not be picked at, scrubbed or scratched, as these actions can remove ink, leave a scab or cause scarring.

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What Are Some Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Tattoos?
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Tat2Duck explains that drinking before getting tattooed can be a mistake for several reasons. Heavy drinking thins the blood, making the process harder for the tattoo artist and causing the skin to absorb less ink color. Drunk customers are less likely to choose thoughtful designs and are often belligerent and disruptive.

Potential tattoo customers should consider quality and safety above price. Cheap, low-quality tattoos cost less initially, but it is expensive to have bad tattoos removed or covered up. Another common mistake is getting a small tattoo, especially if it involves text. Tattoo artist Chris DeBarge explains that ink spreads out over time, rendering small text illegible and turning small designs into colorful blobs.

Tattoos should be kept out of the sun or covered in sunscreen. Excessive sun damage and sunburns fade the tattoo quickly, and this contributes to the ink spreading that destroys too-small tattoos.

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