What Are Some Common Italian Tattoos?


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Some of the most common Italian tattoos are Italian words or phrases inked in script-style lettering, according to Tattoo Art. Italian flag tattoos, Italian horn tattoos and the outline of the map of Italy are also popular designs.

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"Lamore e cieco," which means love is blind, and "la vita e bella," which means life is beautiful, are two of the most popular Italian words used in tattoos, says Tattoo Art. The Italian flag is also commonly chosen, as it represents heritage. In many designs, the flag blows in the wind or is draped over things to achieve more depth, definition and character. There are also other artistic versions of the Italian flag tattoo, such as hearts colored to match the three stripes of the flag. Italy's geographic outline is another popular tattoo design that displays a person's Italian background or passion for Italian culture. Banners, flowers and crosses are a few embellishments that complement this design.

Many people also choose Italian horns, which served as protective amulets for Italians in ancient times, explains Tattoo Art. These tattoos are easily personalized by adding colored banners, crowns or pendants. Trinacria, an Italian symbol composed of a gorgon's head with snakes as hair, is another common tattoo. The gorgon is described as a mythological character that is partly composed of the three daughters of the sea gods.

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