What Are Some Common Ingredients in Perfumes?

Common ingredients in perfume include essential oils, synthetic fragrance compounds, binders, stabilizers, and water. All perfumes contain a scent component and a base component. The scent component may be natural and synthetic essential oils from flowers, leaves, woods, fruits and spices, or synthetic fragrance compounds.

Fragrance compounds may include natural and synthetic compounds that mimic, preserve, stabilize or enhance the scent of other fragrances such as limonene and coumarin, and synthetic musk, and compounds that keep scents consistent among brands over time such as benzyl benzoate and pthalates.

Base components include distilled water, which is the most prominent ingredient in most perfumes, ethyl, butyl or denatured alcohols which help deliver the product but evaporate quickly. Other base components include various ingredients used as stabilizers and preservatives to keep ingredients from separating and extend the shelf life of the product.