What Are Some Common Ingredients in Maybelline Cosmetics?


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Ingredients in Maybelline cosmetics include: aluminum powder, Vitamin A acetate, Vitamin A palmitate, boric acid, fragrance, isobutane, isobutylparaben, benzyl salicylate, citral, eugenol, titanium dioxide, rosin, BHT and benzyl benzoate, among others. As with other cosmetics, Maybelline uses some ingredients more frequently than others, and while some ingredients appear in many products, others appear in just a few. These ingredients vary in property and purpose; some are also benign to humans, while others can pose health risks.

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Aluminum powder is one of the most common Maybelline ingredients. It appears in over 200 products, and has some use restrictions. This ingredient poses a threat of allergic reaction; it may also cause neurotoxicity or present as a toxin in some organs.

In addition to aluminum powder, fragrance is another very common Maybelline ingredient. Fragrance appears in over 100 products. As with aluminum powder, it may pose a risk of toxicity or allergic reaction. While aluminum powder presents an internal risk, however, fragrance can cause external and internal reactions. It can also irritate the skin, lungs and eyes.

Propylparaben is another common Maybelline ingredient; it exists in nearly 200 different products. Like the other ingredients, propylparaben may cause harm. It may cause developmental reproductive problems, and can trigger an allergic reaction. This substance may be an endocrine disruptor and has some use restrictions.

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