What Are Some Common Ideas for Cowgirl Tattoo Designs?

What Are Some Common Ideas for Cowgirl Tattoo Designs?

Common examples of cowgirl tattoo designs include horses, guns, pin-up girls and states associated with cowgirls and cowboys. Other common tattoos include cowgirl hats and desert animals.

Cowgirl tattoos that involve horses can include portraits of famous horses or a personally beloved horse. Horse tattoo ideas include cowgirls riding or standing with a horse, a Victorian-inspired horse cameo or various symbols associated with horses, such as saddles and horseshoes.

Common themes for western gun tattoos include a gun in a garter belt around the thigh, as well as two guns crossed with a banner that states something western related. A gun can also be incorporated into a pin-up cowgirl pose.

Ideas for cowgirl pin-up tattoos include pin-up figures wearing cowboy boots and hats, handling a lasso or riding a bull. Many cowgirl pin-up tattoos feature additional feminine elements such as flowers and sexy cowgirl outfits.

States associated with cowboys and girls include Texas, Arizona, California and New Mexico. Western elements such as animal skulls and spurs can be added to state tattoos for additional expression. Types of desert animals that can be incorporated into cowgirl tattoos include tarantulas, scorpions, rattlesnakes and roadrunners. Other desert animals are coyotes, lizards and rabbits.