What Are Some Common Household Remedies to Help Flaking Nails?


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Trim flaky nails and lightly buff the surface to remove excess flaking, then protect and soften the nail with an oil, cream or petroleum jelly, according to Good Housekeeping and Best Health magazine. The point is to stop the peeling from getting worse and keep the nail layers soft and moisturized.

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Flaky or peeling nails are painful and unsightly. The problem is usually the result, as stated by the New York Times, of water or air getting into the spaces between the keratin layers and causing them to swell and split apart. In time, this can cause a lot of damage to the nail. Stop peeling nails in their tracks with a few simple home remedies.

When it starts to peel at the tips, trim the nail ends to keep the peeling from getting worse. Lightly sand the top of the nail to polish away any remaining peeled spots. Most homes have a jar of petroleum jelly in the bathroom cupboard. Massage a thin layer of the jelly into the tops of the nails to protect them and keep them moisturized. Blend or mix a small amount of milk with an egg yolk. Soak fingertips and nails in the mixture. This bathes the nails in protein and moisturizes them.

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