What Are Some Common Health Problems Concerning the Lips?


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Common health problems with the lips include cold sores and canker sores, according to WebMD. Other lip conditions include tender splits or cracks in the corner of the mouth and chapped lips.

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Canker sores develop mostly on the inside of the mouth or lips, and cold sores manifest on the exterior mouth area. Cracks and splits in the mouth are caused by an infection, nutrition deficiency or the mouth being closed too often due to lack of teeth or dentures, explains WebMD. Causes of chapped lips include dry, windy, cold or extremely hot weather.

Dietary changes may help treat cold sores. WebMD recommends drinking cold liquids or eating frozen treats. It is also advised for people to use a straw to keep any liquid from making contact with the sore. Food and beverages such as coffee, chocolate, spicy or salty foods, citrus, nuts and seeds should be avoided while a canker sore is healing.

Pain from sores on the outside of the lip may be relieved with ice or a rinse with an antacid product such as Mylanta. Applying petroleum jelly helps ease the cracking and dryness from lip sores, states WebMD. Severely chapped lips may also be treated with petroleum jelly.

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