What Are Common Hairstyle Mistakes That Women Over 60 Make?


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Common hairstyle mistakes that women over 60 make include leaving their hair in one length, wearing their hair too straight, using a washed-out hair color, using a hair color that is too dark and using too many styling products. These mistakes can make a hairstyle look flat and lifeless and can wash out the skin.

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What Are Common Hairstyle Mistakes That Women Over 60 Make?
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Cutting hair in a style with only one length can make hair look lifeless and dull. Women over 60 can add a bit of youthful bounce to their style by adding a few layers. In addition, adding layers around the face can help accentuate features and soften facial angles.

Straight hairstyles can have the same pitfalls as one-length styles. Straight hair can make features look long and can make hair appear lifeless. Women should add a bit of curl and volume with a blow dryer and a round brush or with Velcro curlers.

Many women cover up grey hair by covering it with hair dye. However, many also go too light or too dark with their hair color. Choosing an all-over blonde color or a very dark brown color can wash out the face and draw attention to wrinkles, especially since skin loses color as it ages.

Women should choose warmer blonde highlights such as honey or opt for lighter shades of brown. Women can also embrace their grays by using moisturizing conditioners and treatments. Gray hair tends to get dry and brittle, but moisturizing it can let grays sparkle and shine.

As women age, their hair tends to get dryer and thinner. Although it can be tempting pump up styles with hairspray and mousse, these products can make hair look stiff and can weigh it down.

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