What are some common hair dryer repairs?


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Some common hair dryer repairs include correcting problems with a faulty switch, service element, fan or thermal cutout. The power supply is another hair dryer component that often requires servicing. Since a hair dryer is a fairly simple appliance with minimal parts, consumers can handle most repairs at home with the help of a few simple tools, including a Phillips screwdriver, soldering tools and plastic opening tools.

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Repairing any issues with a hair dryer begins with disassembling the body of the appliance. To gain access to the motor, electrical wiring, fan and heating element cover, begin by unscrewing the dryer's air concentrating nozzle. Removing the nozzle exposes a small screw that attaches the grating to the body of the hair dryer. Using a Phillips screwdriver, loosen the screw and detach the grating from the dryer.

Locate two additional screws on the handle of the hair dryer. Remove the screws, and carefully pry apart the body using plastic opening tools. Opening the hair dryer exposes the internal parts.

Inspect the interior of the hair dryer for build-up of hair or lint that may be clogging the device and hindering efficient operation. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush to remove any debris. Once the interior of the hair dryer is completely clean, proceed with repairing or replacing any broken parts, and reassemble the device.

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