What Are Some Common Fingernail Problems?

Common fingernail problems include general weakness, tearing and peeling of the nails. Cutting fingernails below the natural nail line is also a common problem that people have with their nails.

Weak nails tend to result from a nutrient deficiency. Taking a biotin supplement, or a supplement that contains biotin, helps to strengthen weak nails. When a nail starts to tear either horizontally or vertically, slip a toothpick with a small drop of nail glue under the tear, and then press the torn sides of the nail together. If the dried glue leaves residue behind on the top of the nail, use a nail file to buff it.

To fix nails that are peeling, begin by trimming them, and then use a nail file to gently buff the surface where the peeling layers are present, moving in one direction. After doing so, avoid putting pressure on the fingertips. Keep the nails well-hydrated to prevent them from drying out and peeling further. Rub oil or lotion containing hydroxy acids onto and around the nail.

If nails are cut below the natural nail line and consequently expose the sensitive skin beneath them, do not apply regular fake fingernails to fingers; instead, apply Micropore, a form of paper tape. Cut pieces of the tape to fit over the natural nails and press them on to protect the exposed skin and prevent further irritation.