What Are Some Common Cosmetologist Activities?


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Common cosmetologist activities include grooming clients’ eyebrows; giving manicures and pedicures; providing skin care treatments; applying makeup; giving massages; applying hair removal techniques such as electrolysis or waxing; and styling clients' hair, which may include cutting, coloring or straightening. Cosmetologists may also provide advice on subjects such as skin care and hair styling.

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Useful skills for cosmetologists include creativity, time management and interpersonal skills. As many cosmetologist tasks involve creating a flattering new appearance, such as styling hair, creativity is a valuable trait. Successfully dealing with the regular inflow and outflow of customers from the shop depends on effective time management skills. Interpersonal skills are vital to ensure that every client’s request is understood and each client leaves the shop feeling satisfied.

The requirements for a career in cosmetology include graduating from a recognized program in the appropriate cosmetological specialty and obtaining the appropriate state license. As a rule, full-time cosmetology programs take about nine months to complete and may require a high school or equivalent diploma. Receiving a state license depends on passing the appropriate exam for that specialty.

The term "cosmetologist" may refer to any of several professions that deal with maintaining the appearance of the skin, nails and hair, including nail technician, shampooer, hairstylist, hairdresser and skin care specialist. Only shampooers are exempt from licensing requirements.

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