What Are Some Common Complaints About Stauer Watches?

Common complaints about Stauer watches include that they are of poor quality and often malfunction, the finish wears off and the watch bands fall apart. Some customers complain that the watches break in less than a year, and they are expensive. The most common complaint expressed in customer reviews is that Stauer overcharges for its watches, often claiming there is a discount and then charging full price, and that delivery times are lengthy.

One customer review from Amazon.com notes that Stauer watches, in general, are of poor quality, and they do not last long. Unhappy customers note that the mechanisms that power the watch stop functioning in less than a year, and the gold and metallic finishes quickly wear off. One buyer states that the leather band deteriorated in six months.

Customer reviews on Yelp.com also complain that the watches have a short lifespan. One review notes that the chronographs are not useful because they are only decorative. Another buyer complains that the watch arrived in three pieces, the bracelet post was bent and the metal clasp was not secure in the package. One unsatisfied customer notes that when trying to change the time, the stem came completely out of the watch. Several buyers note that the watches are too expensive for such poor quality.