What Are Some Common Complaints About Nerium Skin Care Products?

Dissatisfied customers frequently complain about the cost, scent and performance of Nerium skincare products. Some Nerium users also report that they do not like the texture of the products or feel that all of the products' ingredients are safe.

As of February 2015, Nerium's official website offers products that range in price from $70 to $165. Customers can purchase products at a discounted price after enrolling in the Preferred Customer auto-ship program. Numerous consumers state that they believe Nerium's moisturizing lotions and cellulite removal creams are overpriced, and some users feel that spending money on the products is a complete waste. Other users complain about the auto-ship program, stating that they feel pressured to buy more products than they need.

Some Nerium users do not like the scent of the company's creams. One Amazon.com user compared the odor to a compost pile, while other reviewers say that the products have a strong chemical scent. Several reviewers mentioned that the strong odor caused their eyes to burn after the product was applied.

Nerium products contain some controversial ingredients, including oleander. Multiple users state that they experienced severe allergic reactions, such as painful blisters and widespread rashes, after using Nerium products. Several reviewers allege that the products caused vision problems, and a handful of consumers mention that they experienced headaches, nausea or diarrhea after use.