What Are the Most Common Complaints for Nerium Products?

What Are the Most Common Complaints for Nerium Products?

The most common complaints about Nerium skin care products are that the products do not work as advertised, and that the company's customer service is poor. The majority of online reviews for Nerium AD skin cream are negative.

Many customer reviews on Amazon.com indicate that the Nerium anti-aging system is effective at first, but that its effectiveness diminishes over time and the customer's skin returns to its original state. Some similar reviews on both Amazon.com and Makeup Alley claim that the product does not work to begin with.

Nerium sells its products through a multi-level system. Customers can purchase products from the company, or sign up as "brand partners," which allows them to sell Nerium products in their own community and receive commission pay as well as prize incentives.

Customers who sign up with Nerium as members receive monthly shipments of skin cream. Many reviews indicate that it is difficult to cancel membership or to request that the shipments be stopped. Additionally, many of the same reviews cite general customer service issues such as rudeness and overly aggressive promotion of the brand partnership program.

Nerium's line of skin care products are intended as anti-aging treatments. As of 2015, the company produces a night cream, a day cream and a firming cream.