What Are Some Common Complaints About Keranique Treatments?


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Common complaints about Keranique treatments are that discontinuing usage causes hair loss, and that there are billing issues with refunds and free trials, based on user reviews on Amazon.com and Reviewopedia. Customers also complain about the cost of the product compared to its competitors.

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The most recurring complaint about Keranique on Amazon.com is that, upon discontinuing use of the product, the hair loss is worse than before product use began. Customers also do not like the idea of using Keranique forever. Reviews also report having issues with customer service and with overcharging for the free trial and refusing to issue refunds as advertised. Many of the reviews report having to dispute charges through their credit card or not receiving credit at all.

It is noted by reviewers the the product does produce some hair growth, but they complain that these results are nothing unique to Keranique. Reviewers cite minoxidil as the reason for any results. They go on to explain that minoxidil is not only common in Keranique's competitors but is also available elsewhere in higher concentrations at a lower cost. At a 5-percent minoxidil concentration, Rogaine contains more than double the minoxidil of Keranique, which only contains a 2-percent concentration, according to Reviewopedia. Customers also complain that the product is much more expensive than comparable products, such as Rogaine For Women, and it does not yield better results than the cheaper alternatives.

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