What Are Some Common Complaints Against PropertyRoom?

What Are Some Common Complaints Against PropertyRoom?

Some common complaints reported against PropertyRoom, an online auction service, include misleading customers about product quality, overcharging for shipping and handling, and receiving products weeks later than promised.

Despite having been featured on ABC, NBC, CNN and "The Today Show," PropertyRoom has come under fire from many of its customers for its dishonest policies and lack of business integrity. Many of the consumers who have used this website consider it a scam and warn those who may be interested in bidding on seemingly inexpensive high-quality products to avoid PropertyRoom.

In several cases, customers received products that the website claimed were "new in box" but were actually refurbished or used products. When these same customers attempted to contact customer service, they were answered up to three or four days later with unhelpful and vague information. Furthermore, the products offered are photographed in such a way as to make them seem more high-quality or larger than they actually are.

For some customers received products (sometimes two to three weeks) that were damaged, or they had been misled about the quality of the items. If a customer chooses to return a falsely advertised or low quality item, he is charged with a 15 percent restocking fee and are subjected to borderline harassment from customer service representatives, making the customer feel as though he is at fault.

Customers have reported kindness from customer service with simple questions but intense hostility when a complaint or problem arises. This company displays a lack of quality customer service, a lack of honesty about the product for auction and exorbitant overcharging, according to some customer feedback.