What Are Some Common Articles of Clothing Made of Latex?


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Common articles of clothing made of latex include underwear, bras, shoes and socks. Additionally, the cuffs and waistbands of many articles of clothing are made with latex.

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Individuals with latex allergies should carefully select their clothing. The allergic reaction occurs when the skin comes in contact with the natural rubber proteins in latex or the chemicals used to manufacture the product. Symptoms include sneezing, a runny nose, swollen eyes and itchiness. In advanced cases, those with latex allergies may experience the wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath most commonly associated with asthma. The feeling of chest tightening may also occur, as well as a rash.

Advanced latex allergies could be life-threatening. Anaphylactic shock can occur shortly after contact with the product. It begins with hives, and then the individual begins to have trouble breathing. His blood pressure drops, and he needs an immediate adrenalin injection to facilitate recovery. Reactions so severe typically occur when latex comes in contact with a break in the skin or a mucous membrane such as the vagina, mouth, urethra, rectum or colon.

Other than being careful in selecting clothing, those with latex allergies should make sure their allergy is part of their permanent medical record. If the allergy is severe, a Medic Alert bracelet may be necessary to inform others of the allergy in the event of an emergency.

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