What Are Common 1920s Flapper Hairstyles?


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1920s flappers typically wore some form of the bob haircut. Variations of the bob haircut in the 1920s made use of various hair lengths, parts and hair textures, and some versions had bangs, while others didn't. One of the most iconic bob haircuts was the shingle cut popularized by Louise Brooks, which features a middle part, straight hair, blunt bangs and a closely cropped v-shaped finish at the back of the head.

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Another popular bob haircut from the 1920s was the very short Eton crop that closely imitated a man's haircut of the time period. Worn by Josephine Baker, this haircut has a deep side part and uses spit curls to soften the hairline around the face.

Other popular bobs included the orchid, coconut, Egyptian, Moana and windswept bobs. The Charleston cut was also a popular bob cut that used a wavy hair texture to soften the ear-length cut. Adding finger waves, Marcel waves and soft curls to the hair were all popular ways to wear various bob haircuts.

A flapper who did not want to cut her hair could imitate the bob haircuts of the era by gathering her long hair into a bun at the back of her head or two small buns on either side of her head. She could then curl or wave the front of her hair to make it look like she had short hair.

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