What Are Some Colors of OPI Gel Nail Polish?


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OPI gel nail polishes are divided into three collections: Classics, Softshades and Brights. Classics shades include "A Good Man-Darin is Hard to Find," "Big Apple Red" and "Black Onyx." These three shades are a brick red, an apple red and a black, respectively.

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OPI Softshades include "Alpine Snow", an off-white shade; "I Think In Pink," a soft pink; and "Passion," a light pink shade. Brights shades include "Hotter Than You Pink," a neon pink, and "No Room for the Blues," which is bright blue. Some gels are available in pearl and glitter finishes.

Before applying the gel, clean your hands thoroughly, file your nails, and push your cuticles down. Apply Aquaphor to the skin around the nail so that any mistakes are easy to clean up. Only move on to the second hand once the first hand is finished and the polish has dried. This helps to avoid nicks and other blemishes in the polish. If the polish does suffer some damage, it is easier to completely remove it from the nail and repaint than to try and carry out repairs.

To remove gel polish, file the tops of the nails to remove the glossy top coat. This makes it easier for the nail polish remover to work. Next, soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover, and secure it over the nail with a piece of foil. Repeat these steps for each finger. After 10 to 15 minutes, the remover eats through the gel, and it can be scraped off the nail using a cuticle stick.

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