What Colors Go Best With Olive Green?


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Muted brown, grey, pine green and eggshell are colors that help make a natural palette that is complementary to olive green. For a similar palette, use a lighter pea green, black, a darker brown and grey. A vibrant palette can also be created with olive green. Plum, violet, aqua, teal and green-grey add a punch of color when paired with olive green.

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What Colors Go Best With Olive Green?
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A neutral-yet-vibrant color scheme can be created with lime green, orchid, beige and brown. To understand how it is possible that many colors work with olive green, an understanding of the color wheel is needed. Every color has primary, secondary and tertiary colors that are its complements. The closer they are on the color wheel to the original color, the more closely they match to that color. Moving farther away from the original color can yield colors that clash. Find colors that complement the original by creating a visual pop. Plum, aqua, teal and orchid are examples of complementary colors that add a pop of color to an olive palette. Colors that are near olive green but still add interest and complement are pine, lime and pea green. Combinations of complementary colors are almost endless with enough black and white on hand.

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