What Are Some Colors in the Kiwi Shoe Polish Color Chart?

Kiwi Shoe Polish comes in several colors, including navy, black, neutral and dark tan. Parade Gloss polish comes in several colors, too, including black, neutral, dark tan and mid tan. It is available in several sizes. Both types of polish contain Carnauba wax that gives shoes shine and protection while increasing water resistance.

Many retailers, including Walmart, Amazon and Target carry the product. Kits, many of which include brushes and polishing cloths, are also available.

For best results, use shoe polish only on leather, and use a cotton cloth for polishing. Read the entire label, and follow the warnings and instructions carefully. It's best to test the polish in an inconspicuous area before polishing the whole item. Make sure to protect carpet, clothing and furniture when using Kiwi Shoe Polish because it may stain.

William Randall launched Kiwi Shoe Polish in Australia in 1906. It's named after the Kiwi bird, a native of New Zealand. Its popularity increased during WWI when it was adopted by both the British and American armies. Sold all over the world, Kiwi is now part of the S.C. Johnson and Son family of brands. Some competitors over the years have included Shinola, Cobra and Cherry Blossom.