What Colors Coordinate With Blue?

colors-coordinate-blue Credit: William Warby/CC-BY 2.0

Regardless of the shade of blue, lighter or darker shades of blue coordinate well; sky blue looks well with shades of deep, dark navy blue. A mid-range sapphire blue looks nice with lighter and darker blue-toned hues. Neutrals, such as white, black, tan and gray, mesh with a variety of blue tones.

Shades of purple and green also complement blue hues. Lavender, mint green and fuchsia look terrific with sapphire blue, while plum and light pink coordinate well with navy blue.

Warm colors, such as orange, yellow and crimson, provide a pleasant contrast to certain shades of blue. School bus yellow goes well with ocean blue, while burgundy complements navy blue. Bright orange offers a terrific contrast to the depth of a dark midnight blue.