What Colors Complement My Skin Tone?


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Warm colors go well with dark skin, and jewel tones and blues go well with medium skin. Olive skin looks appealing in pinks, greens and orange. Earth-tones and berry colors go well with fair skin. The undertones of skin color also contribute to the best color for each skin tone.

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Warm colors ranging from pastels to bright colors bring out the warmness in dark skin. These colors include any shade of purple, pastel pink, soft and bright yellow, and metallic shades of copper, gold and bronze. White is also appealing on dark skin, while browns and blacks are less flattering. Cool colors bring out gray undertones in the skin and dull the skin. Bright, deep hues such as dark blues, deep pinks, red and green complement medium skin. Jewel tones that resemble rubies, sapphires, emeralds and amethysts also bring out medium skin tones, while pale pastels, beige, browns, oranges and caramel dull medium skin.

Pink works well with olive skin, along with greens, oranges and bright reds. Most colors compliment olive skin, but colors that bring out yellow and brown undertones should have high priority. Earth-tones such as brown to green compliment fair skin with warm undertones, and berry colors and deep purples work well with fair skin with cooler undertones. Neons, very bright colors, white and black do not complement fair skin with warm undertones, and silver, neons, lilac and yellow are unflattering for fair skin with cool undertones.

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