What Color Do You Wear for a Wake?

There is some flexibility in wake attire based on where the wake is being held, but the general rule regarding colors is to keep to somber tones like black, navy and dark or charcoal grey, according to the funeral home website iMortuary. It is common practice, and is considered acceptable, to wear one outfit to both a wake and funeral as long as it is appropriately subdued for a funeral environment.

It is best to hedge toward formal wear if the dress code for a wake is not known. Jeans may sometimes be acceptable depending on the deceased and their family and social circle, but they must always be worn with appropriate dress footwear and a respectful top. Cardigans can also be worn.

Layers are an advisable tactic for mourners who may wish to alter their outfit to more closely match the room in the event that they find themselves over or under-dressed. This can be accomplished easily through light sweaters and sport jackets, which can be removed to match the mood of a room.

Jewelry worn to a funeral or wake should always be subdued. Shoes should always be close-toed and sandals are never acceptable attire. In general, clothing for a wake should be muted, respectable and unlikely to draw any attention.